The Regina Musical Club offers 5 scholarships a year…
NOTE: Do not apply to the Regina Musical Club for the following five scholarships, as they are awarded. 

  • The Regina Musical Club Scholarship 2014 ($1100) – Mikyla Jensen
  • The Violet Ewing – University of Regina Entrance Scholarship 2012 ($1000) - Kristian Vogel
  • The Laubach Violin Scholarship 2014 ($150) – Simone Ma
  • The Regina Music Festival Woodwind Scholarship-Canadian Music 2014 ($150) was not awarded
  • The Dorothy Goldman Memorial Intermediate Vocal Scholarship 2014 ($100) – Kaitlyn Kasha

NOTE: The following scholarship may be applied for: 

The Ann Owen (Nancy) Goodfellow Scholarship ($500) is offered to senior vocal and piano students every other year. It will be offered next in 2013/2014!

The Regina Musical Club is pleased to announce that Yixing Mars G. Zhao, soprano, is the recipient of the Ann Owen (Nancy) Goodfellow Scholarship in the amount of $500. Many thanks to all of the applicants, and a special congratulations to Yixing Mars G. Zhao!

Please contact Karen Finnsson for more information.

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